The Chevy Nova was produced by General Motors starting from 1962 in five different generations until 1988 initially called Chevy II. The Chevy Nova was never meant to be a revolutionary concept in any aspect, but due its light weight, high functionality and high performance engines offered it became one of the best muscle cars on the market in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

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Best Muscle Car: Chevrolet Nova SS

Best Muscle Cars Chevy Nova SS Front

When we say best muscle cars we refer to the Gen 3 introduced in 1968 with a completely new design. The new Chevy Nova came with a longer wheel base and front subframe assembly. Power breaks, power steering and air conditioning were available for the buyers as well as 15 powertrain options. The original Chevy II nameplate was replaced with Nova by Chevrolet starting from the 3rd generation in 1969.

Best Muscle Cars Chevy Nova SS Back
The Super Sport (SS) was no longer just a trim, but became a performance package for one of the smallest muscle cars ever produced in Detroit. Heavy duty suspension, front disc brakes and some hardware upgrades were included into the SS package along with the 350 cubic inch (5.7 liter) V8 motor capable of 295 horse power.

Best Muscle Cars Chevy Nova SS Engine

Those who wanted some extra were able to order the 1969 Chevy Nova SS equipped with the L78 396 cubic inch Big Block V8 engine with 4-barrel pushing 350 or 375 hp. The transmission were available for those engines with the M-21 and M-22 being 4-speed manual and the Turbo 400 3-speed as automatic.

Best Muscle Cars 1969 Chevy Nova SS
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