Although the Ford Maverick was produced just for several years and was not competing with the high end muscle cars it still has a V8 engine, 2-door sporty style and last but not least low price tag, which is why we put into the affordable muscle cars category.

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Ford Maverick Grabber

Affordable Muscle Cars 1970 Ford Maverick

Although the Maverick is not a capable of pushing a 300+ horsepower it is still one of the V8-powered, rear wheel drive American cars and actually is quite easy to modify with some cheap aftermarket parts in order to squeeze some extra horses out of it. Basically the Ford Maverick is the perfect option for those enthusiasts looking for affordable muscle cars to play with and make it unique with out spending a fortune. Or in other words a “Do It Yourself Muscle Car”

Affordable Muscle Cars 1970 Ford Maverick Interior

One of the best versions is the Grabber Maverick, which was produced for five years only and originally was meant to be appearance package only, but not longer after its debut it became more than just visual upgrade. When buying a Grabber Ford Maverick muscle car fans could choose from several cool colors, they were getting a trunk spoiler, chrome drip moldings and door frames, dual dome” hood with dummy scoops 1970-72 models, Bench or bucket seats, trimmed in either Ruffino vinyl or Manston cloth 1972 and 14 inch wheels with special trim rings.

The most common engine offered with those affordable muscle cars was the 170 cubic inch producing a significantly low amount of horses, two bigger 200 and 250 CID versions and for those looking for a bit more power and torque a 302 V8 was available as well. Not a Boss 302 V8, but still a V8, which could be easily modified and considering the 2700 lbs weight, could do some serious street action.

Affordable Muscle Cars 1970 Ford Maverick Engine

Those on tight budget could probably find a Ford Maverick in a decent condition for $3-4000 and work on it in the garage until they are happy with the way it performs, but for about $15K you can get a nicely restored 1970 Ford Maverick Grabber powered by a healthy 302 motor like this one reviewed by Southern Motors.

Affordable Muscle Cars Ford Maverick Grabber
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Affordable Muscle Cars Ford Maverick Grabber
Ford Maverick Grabber it is still one of the V8-powered and actually is quite easy to modify, rear wheel drive.
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